For Florists



Fashion flower is the exciting new concept in floral messages – "talking flowers"!




It complements the product offering of florists by merging the flowers and greeting card industries.


Composition: ultrathin silicon film created especially for putting on petal of live flowers. Silk and plastic flowers can also be used.


 Our product is absolutely environmentally safe and not toxic.


There is no glue. The film will stick to the petal surface by itself. The sticker becomes attached to the petal so strong that it remains there even after the flower has dried out!
After application on to the petal, the sticker blends with the surface and cannot be seen.


Any flowers will fit, any flower that have a more or less flat surface for application and if the petal area can afford it - tulips, roses, gerberas, lilies…


No Risk – no need for big investments of money, time or labor.


Recession Proof - Win new customers, as well as increasing sales with existing customers.

If you are interested in our product, please contact us at: info@fashion-flower.com